Monday, July 29, 2013

"She Should....."

     I like to think that we have a strong willed baby (much like I am). I like to think I am capable of asking for help if I need it. We've been going along great up until now when people want to voice their opinions on how to "help". These people have never had children, nor do they spend a large amount of time around Kaelynn.
     "she should learn to take a soother so she's not on your boob all the time"
"she should learn to self soothe"
"she should learn to sleep in her own bed"
"she should learn to use teethers"
     Yes, she should learn, but she is only 5.5months old. She is too busy learning more usefull things, plus trying to come to terms with painful things trying to burst through her gums. She chews on her Sophie sometimes, on frozen icepacks, and on warm teethers - all are sometimes and none are by free will.
     When it comes to sleeping, she is back in our bed. We put her in her crib, and sometimes she will sleep for about 2 hours and then be awake and wanting to party. At this point,there is nothing I can do to put her down - unless I want to stay awake for hours. Once brought to bed, she wants to play for a bit, but because it's dark and quiet already she's able to nurse herself to sleep. This way, it's bonding time for the whole family and we sleep (roughly) hours at a time.
     Talking with people about her sleep habits (because they asked), we got the advice to let her cry herself to sleep. Jake replied that she will cry for an hour and just keep going. "Oh, let her keep crying, eventually she will fall asleep". No thanks. Early on, we let her cry it out mainly because she was just whining and not really crying. Now with teething coming in, she SCREAMS. I can't just let her scream and be alone in her crib - if she is just whiny and rolling around, she stays.
      I've heard that it takes a village to raise a baby, but in the end, it's my baby. I'm the one who is there for her 24/7. Unless you're willing to care for her for about a week - to see ALL her moods- than helpful hints are not welcome.

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