Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Third Physio Appointment

     This morning we had our third physio appointment. They were quite pleased with her progress. We can cut down on the stretches and work on strength. We have to hold her so she is leaning out and tilted. She has to right her muscles, basically neck-lifts. They loved that she is doing every thing on schedual and her Torticollis isn't holding her back any. The ladies also call her The Baby With All That Hair. Everyone always comments on her hair, so I picked up some styling cream from LUSH and played it up today - fauxhawk and a bow. With her stubborness to look right, they say she's developing quite a personality.
     Her next appointment is in 2 months, and they think if things keep progressing well, it could be her last. Fingers crossed. She just needs to stop cheating and using her whole body when aiming to go right.

     Afterwards. we went out for lunch and let Kaelynn play with the empty juice cup. Smart girl got the hang of cups and was trying to drink from it...all she managed to do was lick the inside. When she was playing with my still full cup, she wrapped her mouth around my straw. Good thing she doesn't know how straws actually work, I have a feeling DR. Pepper is bad for babies.

     At Walm-Mart, I got her those HUGE foam puzzle pieces and now we get to spray the cats when they go near it. I guess I was too slow grabbing the spray bottle (and Bandit needs her claws cut) because there are marks from when she walked across it. I figured this was better for her to play on because she's getting too big for her play mat and she scrunches up blankets. Even with vaccuming all the time, I feel like the carpet is too gross for her to play on directly.

     I have also figured out that we have a real animal lover. Aside from Bandit being the only kitty that goes near her, she seems to have a real gentleness. On Saturday, I took her to the PetStore. A woman was holding a baby chi and she really wanted to pet the puppy. She was allowed and was gentle..until she grabbed it's skin, but he didn't seem to mind. She also wanted to pet the bunnies and was so confused by the glass inbetween them.

Passed out, nomming on her unicorn

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