Sunday, July 14, 2013

Water Baby

      This past week, I have taken Kaelynn on 2 different adventures- to the splash pad and to the beach. Both were a success.
     Wednesday, we were supposed to go to Grass Creek park, but there were threats of thunderstorms. My friend, her 4 year old girl, and us went to Lake Ontario Park for a picnic and splash pad instead.
There were a lot of kids there and I decided to put Kaelynn in the splash pad too. I put her beside a ground spout. She was fine with the wet cement, but once she got sprayed she was not quite pleased - but not super unhappy. She was indifferent to the swings, but she got the hang of them.
\     Friday afternoon, we finally made it to Grass Creek Park. I didnt fully think things through before we left & I forgot her swim diaper. Problem solved - take the insert out. We had a lunch picnic too, and I'm pretty sure she's a crafty baby. She was being held by my friend, and playing with her links. Kaelynn dropped  her links behind Cezar. When Cezar bent to pick them up, Kaelynn made a play towards the salad. Silly baby, not yet.

     She was loving her first time in a river. She splashed and smiled and played with a ball, all under the cozy shade of an umbrella.

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