Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Getting so big

     I have managed to keep my baby alive for approximately 4.5 months. She is the best thing to every happen to me. She is growing so fast. Every day I see changes. She gets more interested in her toys, excited over books and blankets, dances and makes noises at our kitties. Her little personality is getting bigger too. She isn't much of a talker out in public, but at home the noises she makes are to die for- squeaks, coos, laughs, grunts, squeals (and meltdown noises).

     Her torticollis is improving (I think so anyway). She is looking to the right more often, more so when tricked by the TV. She still has her head tilt, but that is to be expected. It's not slowing her down in the sitting department as I had feared it would. She can now sit for 20-40 seconds at a time in Tripod position.
     Next week, we go back for her monthly Physio appointment. I hope they have good things to say. It's quite hard to determine exactly how things are progressing when I didn't go to school for babynecks/I see her daily.
     She still nurses like a newborn most days, but thankfully at night it's not as long. Going to bed is still hit/miss, but when she's awake later now it's because she's happy and excited (and not down with a case of the Angries and Screamies). Naps during the day are rare, they usually happen after nursing, after swimming, or when we're out walking and her top is closed. 
     I have now come to the realization that she thinks everything is for her. I have to drink all my drinks from cups with lids/straws or hold my neck all the way out so she won't grab at them. Same goes with my food. She will watch and start to get all upset and fussy. I am currently typing while she's sitting in my lap and she keeps grabbing at my fingers - like a cat.
     As a family, we've come along way & have much farther to go. It's still quite amazing how 2 tiny, naked to the human eye things can form a cluster of cells that grow into a beautiful baby.

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