Friday, July 18, 2014

An experiment

     For the past 2 months, I have been using flour sack towels as inserts in my cloth diapers. I am loving them!!

     What are flour sack towels? They are 100% cotton kitchen towels. You've probably seen them in your grandmother's kitchen, maybe with embroidery on them.

     I read that you could use them as inserts, and was curious. Currently, I use microfiber and they're getting old. I was looking for a budget friendly way to replace them all. At Target, I purchased a.pack of 4 flour sack towels for about $5-6. I figured, if I did not like them, I could use them for cleaning.

               I liked them.
      I fold them in half, half the other way, and then the ends towards the middle. This gives me 4 layers and fits most of the pockets perfectly.

     If you cloth diaper and are looking for something new as an insert, I highly recommend flour sack towels.

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