Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

     Today was a busy busy day.  Daddy babywore Kaelynn on his back the whole way there.
     Little Ray's Reptile Zoo was having a demonstration at the local library. I found out about this last week and had planned for it, unfortunately, many mothers did not.
     We had to be at the library at 1pm to pick up free admission tickets for 2pm. There was a line when we got there and tickets were gone in 3 minutes.
     5 tickets in hand, we popped over to the mall for lunch and a quick errand.

     2pm and we go through the door. We sit near the front with the other children. Daddy hung off to the side. I am surprised that Kaelynn seemed interested in touching the reptiles, maybe because everyone else was. My friend and her daughter showed up late, and we made room. Daddy moved to the back.
     Kaelynn spent time playing with my camera, touching the reptiles as they came around, looking out the window, and babbling at her daddy from across the room.
    I am proud that even I touched them...and they freak me out.

     Afterwards, we came home and went for a swim. Somehow in all the clothes we have, I found a swim suit to fit my friend's daughter.

     Before dinner, she fell asleep. She stayed asleep while I transferred her to her high chair. I ate and then woke her up.

    Baby girl is happy and pooped.

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