Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sweet dreams

      Sweet dreams my little one. You're doing well with your bed, for the most part.

      Bed time ritual is at 8pm, we start to get ready. We do bed time bum, pajamas, and neckercise. We then nurse in the big bed and wait. Around 1030-11pm, I transfer her to her bed and make sure she is cozy (but if I put a blanket on her, she wakes up). I'm not sure when she wakes, but she ends up in our bed (possibly around 2-3am). There are times when she is able to put herself back to sleep from waking, but other times no. There was even that one time she fell out of bed. Oops!
     It's a learning curve. At least she will spend all nap time in her bed -even if we nurse in the car and I have to not so gracefully roll out.

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