Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crib wars

     Doesn't that crib look like a super safe and comfortable place to rest?! Not for this baby. She freaks out whenever she goes near her crib.
      Today, I put her down so I could rinse out a diaper. She was in it less than 5 minutes and was losing her mind. I comforted her and kept her in there while I organized stuff to go into the garage (still in her room).
      We have tried playing in her room, playing in her crib and no such luck even getting her to sit down.

      It breaks my heart that she hates her crib so much. It's only been just recently that she will sometimes nap off me, but those naps are not as long.


  1. I know it's frustrating that she won't sleep in her crib, but at least you get more sleep at night while she's cosleeping.

    I promise you she will someday sleep in her own bed, and you will miss the sweet sweaty baby up against you.

  2. being that you're a first time parent you're going to make lots of mistakes. your child only cries when you put her in the crib because it's not what she wants. if you really want your child to sleep in the crib let her cry it out and you can ask your family doctor there's nothing wrong with doing that. sure the first week going to be the hardest but after that is smooth sailing and she'll be looking forward to going to her bed every night. and I know you're going to feel bad for making her sleep in her bed but you really should feel bad for not doing it. you're not teaching your child to be independent at all you're teaching your child to be dependent I think that's the opposite goal of every parent. and the longer you drag it out the worse it's going to be. and your friends think that because they pushed out a child that they pushed out a PhD at the same time but its not the truth. also having a child sleeping your bed will break down the up the intimacy between husband and wife.