Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring at last

  Spring has finally arrived in our area of the world. This has me super excited. We are at a new house with a new small garden. I am sad about the flowers we left behind, but I get to start over. There is a rose bush and another stump that has started to bud already. I have planted my mini roses outside, due to a very creepy mite infestation. I have dug out my seeds and look forward to sorting them and starting them (even if it is far too early to directly plant outside). I really want to figure out an awesome Fae Garden.
     I have a great little helper in Kaelynn, if she's worn on my back. She laughs when I dig in the dirt. Yet, hates getting her hands dirty.
     With this nicer weather, we have been out exploring the backyard and "park". She is far too interested in the little girls that always seem to be out in their yard.
     Now that Spring has sprung, hopefully there is no going back ((and I get cute awesome Mother's day garden stuff)).

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