Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spa life

     Recently, I won a free facial from Diva Salon and Day Spa. I had my appointment today. I left the little one home with daddy and went downtown.
     Even though I have my Esthetics certificate, I have never had a legitimate facial at a salon. Today was a treat: an hour all to myself.

     Diva is very welcoming and professional, the staff are friendly. I arrived and was instanly greeted. I was shown to my room and given precise, easy instructions.

     The room was clean, warm, and had relaxation music playing. The esthetician was cheerful and knew what she was doing. I am never one to relax and melt into a sleep, so we had a lovely chat about life. My skin is now baby soft.

   If you're looking for an amazing experience for the woman in your life (oh look, it's almost Mother's Day), I highly suggest trying out Diva.