Friday, May 17, 2013

A rolling good time

      At 3 months and 1 day, Kaelynn rolled over from tummy to back. I admit it. I cried. It was a total shock. I placed her down on her Baby Einstein mat and looked away for one second, literally, to get a drink. I look over and she's on her side, squirming. I left her turtling for about 5-10 minutes, cheering her on. Her left arm was stuck under her for the majority of the time, but it was worth it. She rolled over and was a grumpy, accomplished baby. I had happy tears!

     I am sure neckercise is helping, even if she dislikes it. Thankfully, she is only screaming half the time now. I took picture proof that she can look to the right with her whole head, instead of cheating like she usually does. She has become a pro at using just her eyes or wiggling her body to look at something right.

     She has been showing more interest in her toys now. I am making sure she has a different one to hold and touch, so she can get her tactile senses up and running. Yesterday, a friend and I took Kaelynn out to Lemoine's point for a picnic. She got more sights and sounds into her, and even laid in a bed of dandelions (a dumb thing to do as I had to OxyClean her clothing).

     She's been sleeping good lately. Her bedtime schedule is (bath sometimes), bed time diaper, lotion, neckercise, feeding, sleeping on me until she's really out, place her in her bassinet with her mobile and night light, and walk away. She's in bed between 8-930pm every night and usually sleeps until 1 or 2 am. From there, we go to the couch to feed her because it's more comfortable for me...but then I usually fall asleep with her in my arms.

     Kaelynn is all cozy in her bouncy chair with hiccups, sucking on her hands. I am going to take this opportunity to take the clear polish off my newly cut claws, and work on my cuticles. We have to get her ready to go out and pick up her Birth Tree. Huzzah! She's getting a lemon tree! <3
     I was looking online lastnight for a family ring and dear lord, those things are pricy. My current ring was $80 incl taxes. The rings I saw were about $180...*shock face*

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