Saturday, May 25, 2013

Miss Rollie's Update

Picture from our Picnic
     Lastnight was hard. Kaelynn went to bed, but it wasn't easy. In the end, we slept on the couch again. From 8:30pm, she was up every hour. Around 11, I decided to give up on putting her to bed and got cozy on CouchTopia. She quieted right down and went to sleep. Until, she was sleeping and let out the creepiest cry/scream I have ever heard from her. She sounded like a cat being stepped on. Thankfully, she only did it once, but it freaked me out.
     Thursday, she had her second physio appointment. Things are looking good. She is still tight when it comes to turning her neck, but she is doing it more often. We learned a new hold for her neckercise. I hold her and pin her shoulders with my elbow, I have to try to convince her to look right and than finish the rotation of her neck. For her left side, same hold. I tilt her and make her ear go to her shoulder. For the baby's righting movements, her left side tries to right to the center when tilted, but when it's her left, she just dangles. Work those baby muscles!
     Speaking of working her muscles; yesterday while Daddy was at the dentist, Kaelynn decided she wanted to roll over again. This time, I was able to take pictures because the electronics were cooperating.


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