Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sitting and sleeping

     Even though we usually fight sleep during the day, Kaelynn slept through the night lastnight. I put her down to sleep around 8:30pm and when I woke at 3am from lack of noises, she was fast asleep. I picked her up and feed her while she was still sleeping. I put her back in her bed, expecting a fight- and nothing. She slept until about 6am, when Daddy had to get up anyway. Yet, I feel more tired than when she sleeps with me. She needs to learn to sleep alone...and I've noticed the right side of her head seems to be going flat(no one else has noticed).

     We're working on sitting up, unassisted.Today she sat for 3 seconds! Go baby girl. Today we also met up with an old friend from highschool. Deanna and her son Jacob met us for Coffee. She spent most of the time chasing around her 1 year old. I am excited/nervous about that stage. We then packed up and went for a walk downtown. On the way, I did some errands, and forgot one thing I was downtown for. If my mind were the ocean, I'd constantly be lost at sea.

      Tomorrow, I wanted to attempt swimming again, but we have to wait around for the cable man. Exciting. Thursday, we go back to see the physiotherapist. Right now, we're waiting around for a thunderstorm, so I should start dinner -just in case (its funny- most of my posts end with me going about to make dinner).

     I was trying to upload a picture of MY lemon tree, but it was failing, so here is a Google image of what it will look like with lemons.

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