Wednesday, May 8, 2013


     Today Kaelynn had the ultrasound of her throat & hips. A 9:30am appointment- early for us.
     We get there and I am thankful that the tech had a student for 2 reasons. 1, she explained everything she was doing and everything on screen. 2, there were extra hands to hold Kaelynn's leg how it had to be, while I tried to keep her calm.
     All in all, it was a good appointment and everything was good. She was called "the perfect patient" at the end of it. Her hips were at 70% angles, and anything over 60% is good. Her sternocleoidmastoid on the left side of her neck was perfectly straight, the right side was just a jumbled mess -but we're stretching it multiple times daily.
     The tech was a 40+ year old woman & she was really impressed with the cloth diapers, we had a discussion. When she had babies, she cloth diapered. Only at that age, hers were velcro and she put plastic covers over them- mine were pocket snappies. She liked the plain blue one she had on, but was even more excited when she saw the polka dot AMP diaper I brought out to change her into & the spare cow print AMP in my bag. I am sure the student tech was wondering why we were so excited.
     Afterwards, we went to Neil's Flowers in Sydenham on the hunt for a citrus tree for my baby. I am seriously into having a birth tree for her. They called the distributor & couldn't get orange trees, so I will be getting a mini lemon or lime tree. He told me the price and it seemed reasonable - under $100 by far.
     McDonald's was for lunch. It's McHappy day. We even brought Jake a Big Mac, half my fries & an iced coffee. It's not healthy, but the money goes to a good cause (we stayed at RMH when CHEO fixed my lil bro's lazy eye when he was a baby).
     Baby is nursing & im going to attempt to paint my toes when she's milk drunk. Mother's Day is this Sunday. It will be my first, so then I will post my handmade presents. Kae and I have plans to go to the market at the Memorial Centre since it's the opening day of the season. YAY!!
     Off topic of the ultrasound, yesterday we went to the mall to have her 3 month pictures taken by a friend that works at Sears. We took the bus as I don't drive, so it's nothing new for us to be on the bus.
The A/C was up high and the driver was driving crazy. I always stand so people who need to can sit at the foot of the stroller (I brought the stroller because I was going to pick up 8L of chocolate milk for $8 on the way home), I had to hang on for dear life going around corners.
    Kae and another young baby, 6 months or younger, started to cry about half way to the mall. Both of us mothers were trying to calm our kids, because we know a crying baby isn't all that pleasant for anyone. The driver,not so politely, basically told us to "quiet the babies".
     The one mother took her kid out of his stroller, which to me seemed unsafe. I stuck my finger in Kae's mouth.
     Once I got to the mall, I called in a complaint. It's not like she's 6 and understands what "quiet" means or is older and swearing up a storm...they are BABIES.

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