Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Three Months

     Happy 3 months of surviving with us, Kiddo.
      Today seems to be spit up day, but I can deal with that because you're so cute.
What have you managed to do so far? You've found your hands, only projectile vomited 3 times, you're gaining weight & growing hair like a champ, you're sleeping in your bed for most of the night (or at least 3 hours or so). You're being super amazing.
     Neckercise is going good, she is looking more to the right side. On the 23rd, we go back to the COPC for a physio check up.
     Sunday was my first Mother's Day. Jake was at work, so it was just us two. It was chilly out, so we stayed in all day. We were going to walk to the Memorial Centre market, but I wanted to hibernate.There is also next Sunday. I spent the day cuddling and cleaning. Yay for purging, since we need to do a dump run anyway. When Jake came home, he said I could have anything I wanted for dinner. I defaulted and chose pizza.

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