Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Airing dirty laundry

    I never thought cloth diapers were gross, I always thought they were kind of neat and cute. I mean, big bottomed babies in adorable prints.
     We have been cloth diaperig Kae for about a month. She is not cloth diaper exclusive - at night she is still in newborn swaddlers.I must say, they are just as easy as using disposible diapers. And definately cheaper. For the 2 months that Kaelynn was too small for our One Size diapers, I have a feeling we already spend about $100 on diapers (and that was buying them on sale). We still are going to use disposibles at night/if we go away (hahaha), but I am a total sale purchaser. I picked up a box of size 3s on sale for $12, and she's still in newborns.
     To get started, I washed my diapers about 4 times to prep them and make sure everything was absorbant. Most of my diapers are pockets, meaning I have microfiber inserts that need to be stuffed. Wash, dry, stuff, use. After I got the hang of the risers for sizing, easy peasy - even Daddy can do it. However, Daddy has not rinsed the dirty diapers or changed a #2 diaper...he can't do it without gagging.
     I have had a few leaks, mostly because she still has chicken legs, but no blowouts or rooster tails.
     The diapers we have are sized 8-32 lbs, so they should last for a while (as she is about 10lbs at almost 3 months old).
     I feel a kind of sick glee when I think cloth diapering is fun. There are lots of prints to look at, I could even attempt to make my own diapers, she can run around pantless and be fluffy butt adorable. We have about 38 cloth diapers that most (give or take 4) that will fit her until 32lbs, so I am told that we don't need any more for her - but when I see a pretty print I have to restrain myself and I have banned myself from Etsy.
     I am by no means an expert at cloth, nor am I "ALL MAMAS SHOULD DO THIS!", but I think if capable (not having to use the laundrymat all the time etc), mamas should give it a try.
They are stored in a wet bag in the bathroom, hanging off the shower hook, they are washed with only themselves & now that it's nice, they are hung outside.
     All this talk of diapers has made Kaelynn excited & now I get to practice what I preach.

...and just for laughs

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  1. Haha omg, I suffered serious diaper hoarder syndrome when I had Nathan. I knew I had enough but there were so many freakin cute things to get him.